Data purchase - wells

Below is a list of data release agents from whom you can purchase information about wells.


Agent Data type Website and telephone contact
TGS-NOPEC (A2D) Well logs and reports|
UKNS Facies Map Browser||
Steve Allen
(+44) (0)208 339 4200 
Data by Design UK Petroleum Data CD||
Steve Allen 
(+44) (0) 1278 723492| 
Exploration Geosciences United Kingdom Discovery Digest||
Paul Bathurst
(+44) (0) 1580 212080 
Fugro Data Solutions Ltd | Logs and reports, Merged wireline logs, Workstation-ready well logs, Well attributes, Core Analysis database, Geothermal database, Rw database||
Nestor Nwafor
(+44) (0) 1492 564500|
IHS | Well logs and reports, merged wireline logs, merged well logs, workstation-ready well logs, well attributes, re-interpretted pressure data||
Richard Longhurst
(+44) (0) 1666 501822



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DEAL provides the Index and Directory of available technical information and data on the UKCS, through a graphical user interface.

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