Meeting Energy Demand

a number of energy sectors supply the UK

Find out more about the wide range of energy sectors and the different technologies that will help us meet our carbon emission reduction targets

  1. Bio-energy

  2. Coal

  3. Combined Heat and Power

  4. District Heating

  5. Geothermal

  6. Hydroelectricity

  7. Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

  8. Microgeneration

  9. Nuclear

  10. Oil and Gas

  11. Wave and tidal

  12. Wind

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  • Consents and planning

    DECC continues to administer the remaining applications under the provisions of S36 and S37 of the Electricity Act 1989 from developers seeking consent to build national energy infrastructure projects, including power stations, onshore and offshore renewables and overhead power lines.

  • Energy statement

    The 2nd Annual Energy Statement was delivered to Parliament on 23 November 2011. It aims to provide market direction, set strategic energy policy and help guide investment.

  • Energy security

    A vital part of DECC’s work is to ensure the UK’s energy supplies are:

    • the right quality
    • reliable  
    • secure
    • future-proof
  • International energy

    Against the backdrop of declining oil and gas reserves and production, international issues form an important part of energy matters in the UK.





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