Interactive Maps

The Department of Energy and Climate Change have published a series of interactive maps. The maps bring together DECCs Local Authority datasets into one place allowing users to view trends in fuel poverty, energy use and energy efficiency measures.  

The maps will be updated when the latest quarterly and annual datasets at Local Authority level are published.

At this stage the interactive maps, are only available at Local Authority level. DECC will keep users updated if the maps are developed to visualise statistics at smaller geographic area level.

There are four maps available, to view them, click on the links below.

These interactive charts and maps are best viewed with Flash Player version 10. If you cannot see them, or if the images are displayed incorrectly, your browser may not have the latest plug-in.

This can be downloaded and installed for free from:

If you have any questions relating to this tool, please contact:

Mita Kerai

Additional analytical tools

In addition to this interactive map, DECC also have a ‘Change Over Time Analysis (COTA) tool, also developed by the Office for National Statistics. The purpose of this tool is to assist the analysis of change over time for small areas. Further details can be found on the Analytical tools web page.



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