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View recent licences from the dropdown menus below. Electronic versions of PEDLs are available only from the 11th Landward Licence and of Seaward Production Licences from the 20th Round onwards.

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Licences in the current round will be added as they are executed.

The clauses incorporated into licences granted before 2008 were amended by the provisions of the Energy Act 2008. Licences granted since that date incorporate the same new provisions.

We have extracted a table of data showing all Seaward Production Licences up to P1063 as they were at issue. Note the following points about this data:

  • Each record in this table represents one licence, one company, and one (part-)block, e.g. Licence P266, issued to three companies and covering three part-blocks, is represented by nine records.
  • The data covers the period from 1964 but was actually compiled from a card index in the mid-1990s. It may be that data loaded in this way (rather than being compiled in real time) will be of lower accuracy. The table has not been extensively checked.
  • Not all licences are issued during a licensing round. Out-of-round licences are generally issued on the same terms as the most recent round at the time, and are labelled accordingly in this table. Under a now-discontinued procedure, Segregation Licences were issued to cover just-producing fields as they were determined, partially replacing existing licences. These are marked here as 'Seg' rather than being linked to any particular round.

To report an error in the table or if you have a comment/query, contact Mike Hawkins at



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